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‘When I was looking for love, I couldn’t find it. When I said no to love, it called me on the shoulder. It’s better than dying without knowing what love is, knowing what it is and losing it. A dialogue from Vijay’s 1997 film Love Today. A movie with the same name Love Today is shaking the whole of South India after ten years.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter are all the rage in cyber space. People who fall in love, those who fall in love and those who are deceived by love are attracted to this movie. Those who say that beauty, money or facilities are no obstacle to love and those who say that there are no people who don’t fall in love at least once will surely enjoy watching this movie. Thus, the love of this period is filled with many colors and many smells in this film. The South Indian youth has taken up this little big movie. Do you need any other proof of success other than the fact that the film, which was made with a budget of just 5 crores, is now crossing 60 crores?

‘Love Today’ is director Pradeep Ranganathan’s second film after Jayam Ravi starrer ‘Komali’. 29-year-old Pradeep is the hero of the film, which hit the theaters on November 4. ‘Love Today’ is produced by ‘AGS’ Entertainment, the makers of many super hit films including ‘Bigil’ starring Vijay. This ‘Today’s Love’ proves that you don’t need a big star cast to make a good movie successful. Sathyaraj, Radhika Sarathkumar and Yogi Babu are the other lead actors in the film, which has Pradeep Ranganathan and Ivana as the hero and heroine.

‘Kanna.. I know everything about you. There is nothing in your life that I don’t know.. I am so confident.. I love you so much.. I am so loyal to you… Am I not the same baby..’ But when the beginning of the story goes like this, we also think that if only we could fall in love like this. And then the big twist. And the movie is full of many love stories around us.

In the romance between the heroine and the hero, the story takes a turn when the heroine’s father tells her to agree to his terms if she wants to agree to the marriage. Both of them have to exchange their mobile phones for a day. Even after that, if their relationship continues as before, they can agree to the marriage. The people watching the movie will keep their hands on their chests and say how beautiful the ritual is. Thus, today’s romance begins with the handing over of mobile phones. With that, the processions of a man’s private parts that he does not reveal begin. And so it passes to and fro, thrashing, stroking, crying, crying. The picture underlines that two people can’t understand something even if they walk a thousand miles together. Finally, in the few minutes Yogi Babu’s character gets, the film draws the pain of the depth of love relationships and makes you clap your hands with tears in your eyes.

Pradeep Ranganathan is directly congratulated by watching the film including the top stars of Tamil including Rajini and Vijay. Pradeep proves that a good film still has its people then and now. The film has been translated into many languages ​​while making crores of rupees. Because the name of the movie itself is Love Today and it is the same in every language. ‘Love Today’ was released by Udayanidhi’s ‘Red Giant’ Movies.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitter, Telegram, Hike, Messenger, G-Mail, G-Pe, Paytm, SMS, Snap Chat, Tonton and so on are all apps on the phone. A day isn’t enough to even test an app on this.. Yes, that’s the thumbnail. In this world of apps, Love Today is an app created by the heroine’s father. All relationships are beautiful if they do not invade each other’s privacy. Or peace of mind is something that goes away. A heroine and a hero who have passed away are filled in front of us in Love Today. The movie draws on the funny storylines of the time when the word “tap” and the new word “move on” are being used. And after watching the movie, everyone will look at their phone and inside without knowing it. There this movie is today’s love and life.

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