Carrier strike 2022 on Monday, July 4 in Lima and Callao: what is known, measures and last minute of the protests | National strike 2022 | ANSWERS

NATIONAL STRIKE | Agreed measures

• Publication of the DS of the FEPC that will allow compensation for the elimination of the exemption from the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC)

• To contribute to the reactivation of the transport sector, they will expand the return of the ISC from 53% to 70% during 2023-2025.

• In the short term, the Executive will approve a subsidy from the State, equivalent to 40% of the expenditure made by interprovincial passenger companies on tolls for 4 months.

• Publication of the DS that extends professional driver’s licenses expired between January 2020 and December 2022, which ends between August 31 and November 30, 2022, depending on the type of license.

• Publication of the DS that includes new requirements to authorize passenger terminals.

• Publication of the Supreme Decree that modifies the license issuance system.

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