“Government announces prioritized purchase plan for charter fraud victims”

2023-04-20 03:05:14

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The ruling party of the government held an emergency party-government council and came up with additional measures for victims of charter fraud.

While actively reviewing measures to give the affected tenants the right to purchase houses and even provide loans at low interest rates, they announced that they would expedite measures to expand the suspension of auctions to non-financial sectors.

Reporter Son Ha-neul reports.

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The government and the ruling party have decided to actively pursue a plan to grant priority purchase rights to victims of charter fraud.

In order to relieve the pressure of eviction faced by the affected tenants, the government and the ruling party will first ensure that the auction moratorium is fully implemented in all financial sectors from today, and that the auction of the house in question is postponed as soon as possible, even if the financial institution has already handed over the bonds to a third party. decided to arrange.

Afterwards, when the time comes to auction the house, we decided to actively consider ways to supplement the system so that the victim, the tenant, is given priority purchase rights.

In this case, a low-interest loan with a sufficient period of time was included to help the victim raise the funds necessary for the purchase.

However, the party and the government drew a line regarding public purchases demanded by some victims and opposition parties.

[박대출/국민의힘 정책위의장]

″It cannot be a fundamental victim remedy. It is not only undesirable to pay off debts incurred between private individuals, especially debts of bad landlords, with public funds, but it is only passed on to the public burden.″

In response, the opposition party criticized that fundamental housing stabilization measures such as claiming compensation following compensation are needed, but the government measures are not enough.

[김민석/더불어민주당 정책위의장]

″Why can’t the victims of charter scams, whose life and death depend on the president saying that they will buy unsold private units? Is the vested market economy theory of ‘hereditary innocence and innocence’ activated once more?″

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At the Standing Committee held at the National Assembly, criticism from the opposition party once morest Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong poured out, and there were also claims that a special law should be prepared in a hurry.

[심상정/정의당 의원]

″Why is this special law on the purchase of a can charter house not being proposed today, when we are desperate like this, shouldn’t our land committee members also deliberate all night?″

However, the power of the people is that this charter fraud situation was caused by the enforcement of the 3rd lease law by the Democratic Party and the Moon Jae-in government, and they are opposing that populism should not be enforced once more, so difficulties in handling are expected.

This is Son Ha-neul from MBC News.

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