Catalonia encourages new family medicine residents with up to 9,000 euros | Catalonia

The Department of Health of the Generalitat has launched an incentive program of between 5,000 and 9,000 euros per year for new residents who choose a place in Catalonia Family Medicine or nursing mental health. Given the lack of professionals in the primary carewhich has become more evident with a pandemic of the Covid which has also increased mental problems, the department headed by the counselor Joseph Maria Argimon has deployed an incentive program to promote family medicine and mental health nursing.

As reported by the Department of Health, the purpose of the measure, already contemplated in the Generalitat’s budget for 2022, is to promote family medicine among residents, since it is not usually the first option among those who exceed the TO MEand promote territorial equity, in addition to attracting and retaining talent.

This year, the forecast is a maximum incorporation of 370 family medicine residents and 52 in mental health nursing. The new residents of these two specialties, who will join the centers in May, will receive each year – the family medicine residency lasts four years and the mental health nursing two – between 5,000 and 9,000 euros, depending on where they live. find the teaching unit.

For the first crown (Barcelona Metropolitan Area) are 5,000 euros per year, for the second (the rest of the Barcelona demarcation) 7,000 euros per year and for other parts of Catalonia, 9,000 euros. To have access to these incentives, residents must have passed the public call for access to specialized training and choose a teaching unit in Catalonia for family medicine (there are 18) or mental health nursing (17).

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