Scandals and Controversies in the Swiss Wrestling Scene: Does Sport Have a Problem?

2023-07-17 18:18:00


This season, there are always heated scenes in the swing scene. Does sport have a problem?

Athletes who allow themselves to be laid on their backs, controversial referee decisions or whistles from the audience – this season in Swiss wrestling, the discussion is more about scandals than results.

The question that arises is: does the wrestling scene have a problem? ‘No, I hope not. And I wouldn’t welcome that either. I hope that none of this exceeds its limits, »says SRF expert Adrian Käser.

Tradition is still cultivated

Stefan Strebel is convinced that the traditional sport is not drifting in the wrong direction. The Technical Director of the Swiss Wrestling Association says: «I think that wrestling is still fair today. That we stand by each other and also cultivate a certain tradition together.”

He doesn’t have the feeling “that wrestling has changed in recent months or years”. But: “It has become more transparent, more is being reported about it.”

Legend: For him, wrestling is still fair Stefan Strebel. KEYSTONE/Christian Merz

Because of the many cameras, many things are clearer than they used to be

More transparent, above all, because swinging continues to gain popularity – and in the multimedia age, umpteen cameras are capturing the spectacle. This is also the reason why there is much more to talk about these days than there used to be.

“Due to the many cameras, many things are clearer than they used to be,” says Florian Gnägi, athlete spokesman for Schwingen in Switzerland.

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Appeal to viewers

The behavior of some spectators in the stands is more problematic. There are whistles and even insults against relatives of the wrestlers. “It clearly has no place in wrestling,” says Gnägi.

Strebel agrees that this has to be dealt with. He appeals to the fair fans: “If someone whistles, you should address this person and explain that you don’t do something like that here.”

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