‘CEO’ Song Eun-yi reveals new two-story house she moved into… Kim Sook “I live frugally”

2023-08-29 10:52:09

Reporter Maara, Money Today | 2023.08.29 19:52

/Photo = YouTube channel ‘Vivo TV’ video capture broadcaster Song Eun-yi showed off the house she moved into for the first time. On the 29th, a video of Song Eun-i’s LAN housewarming was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Vivo TV’. Song Eun-yi, who recently moved, revealed the inside of the two-story house she moved into, saying, “I’ll show you the house I moved into for the first time.”

As soon as Kim Sook, who was invited to Song Eun-i’s housewarming, saw the house, she admired it, saying, “The house is so nice. Song Eun-i has made money.” The first floor of Song Eun-i’s house consists of a cozy living room, a simple kitchen, and a utility room with camping supplies. The clean and warm interior drew attention.

Kim Sook looked around every nook and cranny of the house and coveted Song Eun-yi’s camping equipment and shoes, which made her laugh.

Then, Kim Sook headed to Song Eun-yi’s bedroom on the second floor. Kim Sook-eun said, “The most important thing in a two-story house is the Chinese door. Depending on whether there is a door or not, the cost of cooling and heating varies greatly.”

Song Eun-i’s bedroom is spacious, but it creates a completely different atmosphere from the first floor. Kim Sook made Song Eun-yi burst into laughter by saying, “I live really frugally compared to what I earn” in a bedroom with only a bed and no furniture or props.

When Song Eun-yi said, “Is it too spacious?” Kim Sook added laughter by saying, “It’s more shabby than wide. It’s a two-story house, so it’s nice, but when I look at this room, it’s shabby, so I won’t steal anything.”

Afterwards, Song Eun-yi and Kim Sook watched TV together in the living room. The TV on one side of Song Eun-yi’s house boasted a large size of 98 inches. Song Eun-yi said, “At first, I thought it would be big, but it seems to be perfect for 30 pyeong.”

Song Eun-yi and Kim Sook, who were watching the two people’s ‘Bivo Show’ video on TV, reflected on themselves and said, “The picture quality is so good, I can see the wrinkles around my eyes very clearly” and “I can’t see it on the big screen. Let’s lose weight.”

Meanwhile, Song Eun-yi is the CEO of Media Lab Seeso, an entertainment agency. Shin Bong-seon, Ahn Young-mi, Kwon Il-yong, Jang Hang-joon, Kim Eun-hee, and Bong Tae-gyu belong to it.

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