Chapter 86 of I Dedicate You June 13

After Brenda (Juanita Molina) asked Javier (Juan Pablo Barragan) end his romantic relationship with Luisa in I dedicateWilson (pipe good) presents La Mona (Valerie Domínguez) like his girlfriend at the bar he plans to buy and The Chirris (Caterin Escobar) warns that the place is not safe for her boss.

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Luisa feels that Javier has not gotten over the Brenda issue, Wilson proposes to Don Víctor that they become partners in the bar and The Chirris request security protocol for La Mona. Henry (Andres Suarez) reacts nervously when, narrowly, Adriana (Diana Holes) surprises him chatting with Fabián

Lourdes calls Rosa (Marcela Gallego), confirms that he has nothing with Alfredo (Alvaro Bayona) and recommends that you appreciate it better. La Mona admits that he loves The Chirris.

An armed man attacks La Mona and leaves injured The Chirris outside the bar. Luisa can’t stop thinking about Javier and she is about to drink alcohol to calm her suffering when she receives a call from Adriana, who she says that she thinks she is pregnant.

Javier calls and insistently writes to Luisa asking her to listen to him, but she ignores him. Finally and on the verge of death, The Chirris confesses to La Mona who loves her

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