Check the rules of “women’s volleyball” before cheering for the AVC Cup 2022 battle.

women’s volleyballThai national team After making history through to the knockout round or the 8th round of the final team in the battle Volleyball Nations League 2022 or VNL2022 For the first time, there is a program to compete in the battle.”AVC Cup 2022” or “AVC CUP 2022” Between 21-29 August 2022 held at Philippines which today”Khom Luekwill explain rules or details to give fans volleyball received a full view You can go see it.

by stream”women’s volleyball“It is another kind of sport. That is popular, which has a lot of Thai fans following each other. Including the next order in the competition. Battle “AVC Cup 2022” or “AVC CUP 2022held at the Phil Sports Arena in Pasig. Philippines There are rules as follows:


The pitch should be 9 meters wide and 18 meters long, which is considered an international standard size. In addition, the height above the area to compete Must have a minimum height of 7 meters in order for players to compete easily. There are no obstacles during playtime. volleyball

indoor playing field The field surface must be a bright color.

for the global competition of International Volleyball Federation or called FIVB and official competitions The court lines shall be white, and the playing court and boundaries shall be of a different colour. The playing field may have different colors. which can see the difference between the front and back

Warm-up area

for the global competition ofInternational Volleyball Federation and official competition A warm-up area of ​​3 x 3 meters will be located outside the perimeter of the stadium. in the corner of the field on the same side as the team bench which must not obstruct the viewing of the audience Or may be assigned to the area behind the team bench. which the seating area Must be at a height of 2.50 meters or more from the ground

Abolish the Penalty area


should have brightness not less than 300 lux for the world competition of International Volleyball Federation and competition official The lighting on the playing area should be at least 2000 lux, measured at a height of 1 meter from the playing surface.

Player details in volleyball matches

1. The number of players within the team must not exceed 12 people.

2. In the competition, 6 players can enter the field, 3 in front, 3 behind.

3. Players who are in the team captain position must be listed on the match sheet.

4. The shirt worn on the field must have a number that clearly contrasts with the color of the shirt. The numbers can range from 1 to 18, but if the captain is a team leader, there must be a 8×2 cm strip of cloth attached to the chest area under the player number.

5. The free receiver can be the team leader or the team leader on the field.

6. During the match, players can change players. and can switch players in and out

7. Teams must have a maximum of 5 team staff members who can sit on the bench, consisting of 1 coach, 2 assistants, 1 physiotherapist and 1 doctor. They must be named on the record, team manager and/or regular reporter. team Cannot sit on the player’s seat or behind the seat within the control area.

Player positions in a volleyball match

1. The server has the position of serving the ball to open the game.

2. Setter (Setter) will be offensive in scoring for the team. Most of the players in this position are agile. and has a flair for playing volleyball

3. Middle blocker or middle hitter (Middle blocker/Middle hitter) player position Also known as a fast ball, this position blocks any incoming balls.

4. Outside hitter or left side hitter (Outside hitter / Left side hitter) characteristics of most players in this position must be a slapper with the best skills. It will be responsible for invading the game from the left pole.

5. Opposite hitter or right side hitter (Opposite hitter / Right side hitter) acts to prevent the opponent’s attack on the opposing team. And in addition to this is another backup set within the team.

6. Free receiver (Libero) This position must wear a specific race suit. And the color of the dress will not be the same as in the team. In order to clearly show that it is the main position to receive the ball

volleyball match

1. When the team that will serve is completed Must be the person in the far right. Be the server to open the game. At the start of the match all players on the field in all positions. Must move the position in a clockwise manner.

2. During the time the player will serve the ball at the start of the game must wait for the whistle signal from the referee to be able to serve

3. Which side of the service wins to always serve and when losing, gradually switch sides

4. Players may request 2 time-outs per set, with 30-second time-outs for FIVB World and Official Competitions. The timing of the time-out may be adjusted at the request of the host. This must be certified by the FIVB.

5. Players can block the ball from the opposing team in front of the net. But if the player crosses the area or enters the opposite area will be considered a foul immediately

6. Any team that makes the ball fall to the other side will be counted as 1 point.

7. Whichever team reaches 25 points first will be deemed the winner of that set.

8. But if there is a tie in the score of 24-24, there will be a deuce that if the person who gets 2 points first will be the winner.

9. At the end of the game in each set will have to change the player side to alternate

10.Which team can score 3 sets wins within 5 sets first, it is considered the winner of that volleyball game. The 5th set will only reach 15 points.

Challenge rules for slow motion in volleyball

1. Must be done before starting the next score. And after the decision of the score is not more than 5 seconds (that is, playing See the other team’s foul and then stop playing immediately to see the slow motion. (must finish the game first and then request)

2. Each team can make two requests per set. If the team making the request is right, the challenge will not be forfeited. But if the judge is right, one right will be immediately disqualified.

3. The First Referee (Main Referee) can request to watch the video any number of times.

4. You can make a request out of doubt as follows:

– The ball touches the ground inside or outside the line.

– The ball hits the antenna

– The athlete’s body is in contact with the antenna or the net.

– Stepping on the line while serving, stepping on the three-metre line from a jumping slap from the backcourt and extending his feet beyond his own territory

– Libero’s foot position while receiving the ball

5. The second umpire is obliged to leave the field for slow motion. And the slow motion must be monitored for both teams and the audience to see.

6. After watching The second umpire will signal to the first umpire who has scored.

7. In the case of slow viewing and unable to determine the score The decision of the first judge is final. The requesting team does not lose their rights.

Other terms and conditions of volleyball

1. At the end of each set Players will have a rest period of 3 minutes.

2. A player can hit the ball in addition to blocking the ball 3 times. If the player touches the ball more than that, it will be considered a foul or foul immediately.

3. During the competition Players cannot hit the ball twice in a row.

4. Players cannot be substituted during the match. If that player is not named in that round.

women's volleyball

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