Chelsea’s Key Signings: Caicedo Transfer Updates and News for the Summer

2023-07-12 13:17:00

Original title: Chelsea’s key signings of Caicedo players this summer are open

According to a report from the British media talksport, Caicedo is currently open to transferring from Brighton to Chelsea. He is a key player for Chelsea’s signings this summer.

The 21-year-old Caicedo served as a defensive midfielder and played 42 times for Brighton last season, contributing 1 goal and 1 assist. The player’s defensive contribution was one of the reasons for Brighton’s progress last season, so he is also One of the many top teams to reinforce.

In the past season, Caicedo actually got closer to Arsenal. The Gunners offered the Ecuadorian international three times in the winter window of 2023, but they were all rejected by Brighton because they thought the timing was wrong. It is still necessary to sprint to the European war and find no replacement for Caicedo. With the beginning of the summer window, Brighton has also updated the lineup. After McAllister is released, Caicedo is also very likely to leave the team, but Caicedo The most active suitor of Sedoxia became Chelsea.

Chelsea tentatively paid attention to Caicedo in the winter window this year, but did not seriously pursue it until this summer window after cleaning up the redundant staff in the dressing room. According to previous reports, Chelsea’s offer for Caicedo has reached 80 million pounds, while Brighton is said to have a psychological asking price of 100 million pounds.

Caicedo had the idea of ​​leaving the team in the summer window. That big contract and performance on a higher stage are the pursuit of professional players. Although the contract with Brighton was renewed until 2027, the player still wants a good future.

British media talksport stated that Caicedo is open to joining Chelsea.

The midfielder admits it will be difficult for him to turn down the London club

“It’s a big team, it’s real,” Caicedo told TC Deportes’ Maria Jose Flores.

“A very historic team and I couldn’t say no[加入]because it’s a very big, historic, beautiful team.

“The city is beautiful too. It has all the good things.” Return to Sohu to see more


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