Chen Jiahong’s column: Hong Xiuzhu is the common cause of the Kuomintang — report/comment

Just as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Bachelet started a six-day visit to China, 14 media outlets around the world simultaneously exposed a group of alleged“Xinjiang Police Documents”The archives contain more than 5,000 photos and hundreds of forms. The shooting locations are mainly from Konasheher County in southern Xinjiang, where there are about 22,762 residents, or more than 12% of the local adult population. Sent to re-education camps or prisons between 2017 and 2018. Using this ratio to calculate the entire Xinjiang region, about 1.2 million Uyghurs or Turkic minorities have been imprisoned.

This “Xinjiang Police Document”Shocking content. A man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after he was found to have “obvious religious tendencies” because he did not have the habit of smoking or drinking. His mother was also put on a government watch list. A man accused of studying Islamic scriptures in the 1980s and growing a beard in recent years has been found to be “affected by religious extremism” and must serve 16 years in prison. Some were arrested for listening to “illegal lessons” or installing encrypted programs on their mobile phones, while others were sentenced to 10 years in prison after being suspected of deliberately evading government surveillance for failing to pay their mobile phone bills.

What’s even more frightening is that a document entitled “Disposal Procedures for Disturbance Prevention and Escape Plans During Classes” directly gives the security guards the right to shoot: “If the students do not listen to the advice, the police with guns can fire a warning shot. Continue to expand the situation, escape or attempt to seize firearms, and the police with guns will shoot them to death.” The instruction document also has a complete disposal process, including: subsequently taking the escaped to relevant departments for “interrogation and review, stabilizing the detainees’ thoughts and emotions, Investigate the incident, control public opinion, and hold accountable.”

The most complete report on the current human rights situation in Xinjiang in recent years can be described as a mountain of ironclad evidence. Once revealed, it immediately caused shocks in the international community. The German Foreign Minister called for an investigation into the relevant allegations during a phone call with the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi; the United States publicly expressed its shock and questioned that the matter had been approved by China’s top leaders; the World Uyghur Congress being held in Munich, Germany demanded that Accomplices of genocide are held accountable. However, Hong Xiuzhu, the former chairman of Taiwan’s largest opposition party and who once represented his party in the presidential election, is visiting Xinjiang at the moment. Through a Xinhua News Agency report and Hong’s own Facebook post, he said: “Hong Xiuzhu found that Xinjiang is harmonious, joyful, diverse and inclusive, and the diversity and tolerance in Xinjiang are diverse. The faces of the ethnic group are filled with bright smiles and hope for the future.”

Hong Xiuzhu’s actions blatantly “whitewashed” the Communist Party, so some people demanded that the Kuomintang should come forward to deal with it and clarify, but this is really difficult for the Kuomintang. Hong’s trip was originally to participate in the “Cross-Strait Youth Development Forum” held in Hangzhou. Before the trip, he was also blessed by Zhu Lilun, chairman of the Kuomintang Party: “Cross-Strait exchanges are a good thing. Cross-strait exchanges should be conducted, not hostile, and cross-strait should have dialogue, not confrontation.” From Hangzhou to Xinjiang, “communication and dialogue everywhere” is the key point of the party chairman’s exhortation before her departure. What should the Kuomintang do to Hong Xiuzhu?

In fact, as early as last year when various countries boycotted the “Xinjiang Cotton” incident, the Kuomintang opposed the public opinion and questioned the legitimacy of the boycott. Jiang Qichen, then the party chairman, said: “We are in Taiwan, and we really know very little about what happened in Xinjiang…” (How much information is needed to be “limited”?) The current party chairman Zhu Lilun also said: “This matter is very important. Implicit behind this is the structure of the US-China power confrontation.” Regarding Su Kui’s criticism of Taiwanese artists who supported Xinjiang cotton at the time, Luo Zhiqiang, who was very popular recently, was ironic at the time: “Su Zhenchang should have a little more backbone and immediately order a ban on cross-strait business.” How do you know it’s not that Western countries deliberately spread misinformation?

They do not believe that genocide has occurred in Xinjiang. They regard the violation of universal human rights as a “big structure” in the confrontation between China and the United States. They believe that the Taiwanese are “incited” to dance with them. accountability. This is the mainstream thinking of the KMT political elites. What is there to “clean up”?

Zhu Lilun, who is about to visit the United States in June, is of course a little embarrassed to encounter this matter at this moment. However, at this moment, Hong Xiuzhu is the representative of the dark blue and red in the Kuomintang. The chairman of the Shangdang party is also said to have been blessed by “Sister Zhu Zhu” for his neutrality between him and Zhang Yazhong. If the chairman of the weak party should deal with Hong Xiuzhu, who has long become the hegemon of the party, wouldn’t he demolish Zhu Lilun’s stage?

Ignoring the iron-clad evidence that Uyghurs were imprisoned, slaughtered, and exterminated, they opened their eyes to talk nonsense, and blatantly smeared the dictatorship. This is the political spectrum and image of the Kuomintang in Taiwan society at this moment; Hong Xiuzhu is their common cause.

※The author is the chief editor of “Report”

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