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Chen Shizhong, a candidate for mayor of Taipei from the Democratic Progressive Party, said in an interview a few days ago that he would not want to be a commander again if the time came again, which sparked discussions from all walks of life. The famous “house god” Zhu Xueheng bluntly said that when someone made a ball for Chen Shizhong, he actually picked it up with his face. The campaign team didn’t know what he was doing, and he couldn’t even answer the “must have questions”. This statement has been hotly debated, and many netizens believe that Chen Shizhong’s words and deeds show that he should not want to choose anymore. Everyone sees his true face more clearly.

Zhu Xueheng said yesterday (18) on the political talk show “News Vernacular” that in the interview with Chen Shizhong, it was obvious that the host made a ball, meaning he wanted him to say, “If I have the opportunity to reincarnate, I still want to be a commander. Because I feel that being a commander is my lifelong job!” How could a 250-year-old say, “If the time comes again, I will never become a commander again? Because it’s so hard!”

Zhu Xueheng criticized Chen Shizhong’s remarks that he didn’t want to be a commander anymore. The campaign team didn’t know what he was doing. The image of a serious, brave, conscientious, and willing character was completely broken in an instant. They made a ball for him. He picked it up with his face.

This article sparked heated discussions, and netizens poured into “Zhongshi News Network” and “yahoo! News” to leave messages: “God has eyes! Let Chen Shizhong be caught for three consecutive violations of the disaster investigation, and everyone will see his true face more clearly”, “Why should a person who is crazy and violated the rules be the mayor of Taipei?” “It seems that Ah Chung is tired of acting, and he must have long since wanted to vote.” I don’t want to choose at all”, “This coffee really keeps showing the lower limit”, “There is no manuscript reader in front of me, and the manuscript is in hand, so I will immediately take off the manuscript and talk nonsense”, “In the future, I can learn from Sister EE and prepare two super large manuscript readers. Just recite it every day.”

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