“Chonburi” is sick with covids today, 1,310 cases, including ATK, has risen to more than 2.6 thousand people, 6 clusters are still spreading

“Chonburi” is sick with covids today, 1,310 cases, including ATK, has risen to more than 2.6 thousand people, 6 clusters are still spreading

Date 26 Feb 2022 at 06:37 a.m.

Chon Buri – 1,310 new cases of COVID-19, total ATK result surpassed 2.6 thousand, found 18 medical personnel, mostly from family and workplace, while 6 company clusters still have continual infections.

On February 26, 65, the Chon Buri Provincial Public Health Office reported that today there are 1,310 new cases of COVID-19 from RT-PCR, 1,358 ATK, 2 deaths, a total of 45 (the total since 1 Jan. 65 )

The new cases come from 1. People who live in Rayong province. came to receive treatment in Chonburi Province 92 cases, collecting 2,320 cases and other provinces, collecting 557 cases 2. CLUSTER, Foam Tech International Co., Ltd., Sriracha District, 3 cases, collecting 3 cases Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Muang Chon Buri District 3 cases, collecting 11 cases 4. CLUSTER Siam Cocaine Co., Ltd. Sriracha District 3 cases, collecting 3 cases 5. CLUSTER Albatross Logistics Co., Ltd. Sriracha 3 cases, collecting 3 cases 6. CLUSTER Usui International Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Phanthong District 3 cases, collecting 28 cases 7. CLUSTER Essilor Optical Laboratory Co., Ltd. ( Thailand) Co., Ltd. Phanthong District 3 cases, collecting 59 cases

8. Risk occupation, meeting a lot of people 44 cases 9. Medical personnel 18 people 10. History of traveling from other provinces 14 cases (Bangkok 5 cases, Chachoengsao 2 cases, Phetchaburi 2 cases, Chainat 1 case, Nakhon Ratchasima 1 1 case, Prachuap Khiri Khan, 1 Mukdahan, 1 Samut Prakan). (Under investigation) 73 cases 13. Under investigation 564 cases

As of February 26, 2022, Chonburi Province There were 784,896 vaccinated with 3 injections, which this month. There were 4,519 people who had completed 3 injections of vaccinations (575.75 morbidity rate per 100,000 population), no pneumonia, 1 intubation patient (0.13 per 100,000 population) and no deaths.

There were 1,884,855 2 injections of vaccines, which this month. There are 8,555 people who have completed 2 injections of vaccination (453.88 morbidity rate per 100,000 population), 20 pneumonia cases (1.06 per 100,000 population), 5 intubation patients (0.27 per 100,000 population). and 7 deaths (0.37 per 100,000 population)

As for those who received only 1 dose of vaccination, 95,418 and 348,880 did not vaccinate, a total of 444,298 people. In this month, 7,064 people were unvaccinated and unvaccinated (sickness rate 1,320.45 per 100,000 population). 19 cases of pneumonia (4.28 per 100,000 population), 9 intubation patients (2.03 per 100,000 population) and 17 deaths (3.83 per 100,000 population).

As of today, one new intubation patient (no vaccination history found), one new pneumonia patient (history of two injections was found on October 5, 2021), Two new deaths were found (first case was 62 years old, second case was 71 years old). are elderly and have underlying diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (The first case had a history of two doses of vaccination on October 1, 2021, the second case had no history of vaccination). In other words, it must be immunized with the third injection. will help reduce the severity of COVID-19 People who live in Chonburi should be vaccinated against COVID-19, especially the elderly and those with congenital diseases pregnant woman due to COVID-19 infection who have not yet been vaccinated or incomplete vaccinations are more likely to have severe symptoms than those who have completed the vaccination criteria. which leads to death from COVID-19 and the elderly person with underlying disease pregnant woman will have more symptoms than other groups

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