Controversial election in the Radical Party: president of the store accuses irregularities and asks to repeat the process

This Saturday began the internal elections of the Radical Party (PR), to renew its central and also regional directives. Among the presidential candidates, For the first time in the 158-year history of the community, two women will compete: Miriam Señoret and Itayreé Acle.

While the other applicants correspond to Leonardo Cubillos, Marco Antonio Inostroza and Alberto Robles -current leader of the store-.

Until 02:45 hours this Sunday, they gave know the preliminary results corresponding to the scrutiny of seven regions, with nine remaining to be counted. Meanwhile, the National Electoral Board (JEN) decided to give the final statement tomorrow, Monday.

In these partial results, they appear as follows: Señoret (137), Acle (124), Cubillos (1,176), Inostroza (52) and Robles (551).

Due to the announcement that the results would be available this Monday, the candidate and former deputy Robles, accused a “series of anomalies in the process that, in his opinion, make it unfeasible and require that the elections be repeated.”

“I deeply regret that an electoral process was tarnished with the same electoral practices that have led us to stop believing in political parties, regardless of whether or not the results are favorable to my candidacy, these acts are not consistent with the spirit ethics of our party, that at this time we do not know the complete results of the election and there are doubts that a fraud is being initiated is very serious“, he claimed.

This is how it summons the Supreme Court of the party for not having “all the records of the country at this time of the day after the election”. And he added that the “voting record had a huge typing error in the candidates for the National Presidency (a candidate who was not running for that position); one of the regular members of the JEN was never considered”.

“Not enough votes were sent, for example, to Atacama and more than 40 militants from Huasco were left unable to vote; they did not want to let militants from Nogales and La Cruz vote due to lack of votes for them; it was not paid in Aysén; records that are still not there at this time, and show a profound alteration of the electoral process, among others, ”he added.

Finally, he requested thatshould be repeated with everything that means”, and emphasized that in “In any election in Chile, the results are known the same day, including that of the President of the Republic, and the fact that they are not known in our party is serious.”.

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