Controversy and Triumph: MasterChef Celebrity Season 6 Winner Revealed, Juliana Galvis Reacts to Territorial Election Results

2023-10-30 17:48:29

The sixth season of MasterChef Celebrity came to an end several days ago, leaving Carolina Acevedo as the undisputed winner. However, a whole controversy broke out after the triumph of the famous actress, because beyond becoming a trend on social networks, there was no shortage of criticism for “cheating”, making it clear that those who really deserved it were Nela González or Adrián Parada . Well, in addition to winning the affection of the people, they showed their skills throughout the RCN television program. However, who did not go unnoticed and managed to win the affection of viewers was precisely Juliana Galvis who recently did not hesitate to refer to the triumph of Carlos Fernando Galán as mayor of Bogotá and Federico ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez in Medellín.

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Although Juliana has managed to stand out in various television productions where her beauty, charisma and talent catapult her as one of the most recognized actresses in the country, compared to other participants, the bumanguesa showed her good and bad moments. Of course, those who supported her during the reality show now keep track of her through her social networks. Well, it is more than clear that Juliana is usually very active, especially on her Instagram account, where in addition to making her fans laugh, revealing details of her life, a few hours ago she did not hesitate to refer to the results of the territorial elections.

As is well known, Carlos Fernando Galán, with a wide lead, was established as the new mayor of Bogotá and for the second time ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez will seek to change the course of Medellín. Faced with the event, several celebrities did not hesitate to react among themselves, the famous actress who, although she made it clear that she did not usually talk about politics in this space, she did want to refer to the topic on this occasion. The bumanguesa began her statements by stating: “I don’t talk about politics, today I must say publicly that I am happy.”

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Likewise, the actress reiterated: “Decent, intelligent, hard-working people, with ideas… Today Colombia won.” The statements of the former MasterChef Celebrity participant were accompanied by some images in which various media outlets announced the new mayors and in which they showed Alex Char, Alejandro Eder, Federico Gutiérrez and of course, Bogotá, a city in which Carlos Fernando Galán has resided for some time.

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