Corsican Community Organizes Climate Change Day: Understanding Consequences and Crisis Management

2023-10-20 09:06:30

The Collectivité de Corsica organizes on Friday 20 October 2023 at 9:30 a.m., at the Palazzu di a Cullettività di Corsica in Bastia, a day dedicated to climate change and its consequences, in particular in the presence of the President of the Executive Council of Corsica and the President of the Assembly of Corsica.

The Corsican Community, fully aware of the challenges linked to climate change, wishes to raise awareness among all territorial stakeholders of the challenges of ecological transition, particularly in light of the various environmental upheavals observed in recent years.

In Corsica, the devastating and deadly storm of August 18, 2022 marked a real turning point in awareness of the climate emergency.

This day will thus be an opportunity to reflect more specifically on the question of major crisis management.

Elected, Master students at the Università di Corsica and high school students from Giocante de Casabianca, actors, experts in crisis management, but also involved citizens will participate in this day of exchanges.

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