covid o micron How many days is the spread of the disease? The infection was found in up to 3 locations in the body.

while on the side Doctor Manu Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong, MD. head of respiratory disease Wichaiyut Hospital has stated that Omicron strain It has a very short incubation period of only 2-3 days. during the incubation period People who have been infected can infect others from day 2 after exposure, 1-2 days before symptoms appear, and people who have received the full dose of the vaccine. and get a needle to stimulate It is transmitted approximately 5 days after symptoms develop, while those who have not been vaccinated may transmit it longer after symptoms are present.

Therefore, than people who know that they are infected with the coviral virus byATK check Has infected others in the home for at least a few days without preventing yourself from infecting others. when you know you’re infected There is only 3-4 days left to infect others in the house.

During this time, if you protect yourself well Wear a mask at all times Do not sit and eat with others stay away from others Do not stay in an air-conditioned room open the window for ventilation Use a separate bathroom with others. separate trash from others Wash your hands when your hands are contaminated with mucus and phlegm. The chances of infecting people in the home are greatly reduced. That’s why I recommend home quarantine. Instead of sleeping in hospitals, hospitals or community waiting centers, After no symptoms, repeat ATK test 5 days after the first time, if negative, you can go outside. But still have to wear a mask until the end of 10 days

Thanks FB : Yong Poovorawan , Doctor Manoon Leechawengwong FC

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