“Crime Boss Andrei Torkunov and Accomplices Sentenced to Prison: The Verdict and Details of the Case”

2023-05-24 19:36:45

The Moscow City Court issued a guilty verdict on the basis of a jury verdict against crime boss Andrei Torkunov (Turk). The court sentenced him to 21 years in prison to be served in a special regime correctional colony and a fine of 4 million rubles.

Together with Torkunov, there were three more of his accomplices in the dock: Beslan Khabilaev, Roman Cheban and Sergei Sary. The latter is currently 26 years old. Depending on the role and degree of participation of each, the court found them guilty of crimes under Art. 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (occupation of the highest position in the criminal hierarchy), paragraphs “a”, “b” part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (extortion as part of an organized group on an especially large scale), paragraphs “a”, “b”, part 3 of Art. 161 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (robbery as part of an organized group on an especially large scale).

The court and the investigation found that in June 2013 Torkunov was “crowned” and received the status of a “thief in law”. Having such a status and experience in criminal activities, the Turk not only adhered to and spread criminal traditions, but also replenished the thieves’ treasury, and also “crowned” others. According to the city’s prosecutors, while serving sentences in colonies, he continued to follow a criminal ideology and violated the internal regulations of correctional institutions.

The organized group, according to the department, was created by Torkunov on the territory of the Moscow region back in 2006. It also included three accomplices convicted with him.

“Acting as part of an organized group, from 2006 to 2017, Torkunov, Khabilaev and Cheban, under the threat of physical violence, damage to property, beating the victim and damaging his car as confirmation of the threats, took possession of the property of the victim’s family, who had a trading a point on the construction market in the Teply Stan area, ”the prosecutor’s office said. Subsequently, the man paid them weekly cash payments, gave two cars and a single apartment.

In total, the accomplices seized the property of the victims in the amount of more than 27 million rubles.

Another episode imputed by the organized criminal group is the opening of an ATM in the Narofominsk district of the Moscow region in 2015.

According to the verdict, Khabilaev was sentenced to 12 years in prison to be served in a strict regime correctional colony with a fine of 700,000 rubles. and with restriction of liberty for one year and six months. Cheban and Sary were sentenced to imprisonment for nine and seven years in a strict regime colony, with a fine of 500,000 rubles. and with restriction of freedom for a period of one year each.

Earlier, the media wrote that the Turk was engaged in overseeing the activities of Moldovan criminal groups. He was arrested at the end of April 2020 immediately after his release from the Verkhneuralsk prison – he had weapons and drugs in his possession.

Torkunov is also linked to Moldovan businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc. He is considered the richest man in Moldova. In Russia, several criminal cases were initiated against the oligarch at once, including the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues to investigate the case against the international criminal community, whose members committed in 2013-2014. illegal currency transactions and withdrew from Russia through the Moldovan bank “BC Moldindconbank SA” more than 500 billion rubles. The investigation considers Plahotniuc and Veaceslav Platon to be the organizers of this community. They are put on the international wanted list.

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