“Crisis at Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant: Emergency Generator in Use as External Power Cut Off”

2023-05-22 08:49:00

[キーウ 22日 ロイター] – The Russian-occupied Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine is cut off from external power and the nuclear fuel is cooled by an emergency generator.

Local workers sent by Russia evacuated on the 22nd, saying that the Ukrainian side cut the power line, while Ukrainian nuclear power company Energoatom claimed that the Russian shelling was the cause.

“The safety situation at nuclear power plants is extremely fragile,” IAEA Director General Grossi said in a tweet. “We must now agree to protect nuclear power plants. This situation cannot continue.” ” he complained.

Energoatom said it had about 10 days’ worth of fuel in its backup diesel generators, adding: “The countdown has begun.”

The power supply to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant has been cut off for the seventh time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the company. So far, off-site power has been restored after the emergency generator has been activated.

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