Delicious and Healthy Low-Calorie Snacks for Evening Cravings

2023-08-08 17:22:06

Most people can’t resist a snack in the evening after a stressful day at work. The following tips for low-calorie snacks in the evening come at the right time. Because that way you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa and let yourself go without pangs of conscience.

Low-calorie snacks to lose weight: protein instead of carbohydrates

I’m sure you know that too: You’ve already had a hearty meal, but in the evening your stomach starts growling again. So you have to use low-calorie snacks that not only fill you up, but also help you lose weight.

Cottage cheese is high on the list of helpful diet snacks. Compared to other milk products, this contains hardly any carbohydrates and is rich in protein and low in fat. This is ideal if you want to support your muscles during training. The same applies to Harz cheese. Its high protein content makes it the ideal snack for a protein diet. Not everyone likes it, but it only has 126 calories per 100 grams – a real fitness miracle!

Healthy snacks for every taste

Even if you want to pay attention to your figure, you don’t have to do without snacks in the evening. Because there are healthy alternatives to chips, chocolate and Co. that give your end of work the right spice. Low-calorie snacks for the evening can be really tasty. Nevertheless, you should rather avoid the calories in the evening beer when losing weight.

Nuts or tigernuts, for example, are a crunchy substitute for the well-known fattening foods. Among other things, they contain magnesium and unsaturated fatty acids, which supply your body with important nutrients. However, since their fat content is very high, you should be careful when nibbling. Eating ten almonds gives you around 100 kilocalories – however, almonds can help you lose weight because they stop cravings.

Pistachios are also healthy snacks because they contain magnesium and vitamin E. It is best to buy pistachios with the shell on, so you automatically eat less. 30 grams of green nuts have 90 calories. But since nuts are very filling, that also holds up.

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Healthy Snacks? You can find them here in the clip:

Low-calorie snacks replace potato chips

If you don’t want to or can’t do without potato chips – after all, they are part of a movie night – there are also low-calorie snacks as an alternative. You can now find appropriate diet products in almost every supermarket. However, it is better if you do it yourself. Because homemade chips have significantly fewer calories than the commercially available goods. The trick: they are baked in the oven without the addition of fat. That’s how it works:

Clean 100 grams of potatoes, remove the skin and finally cut the tubers into thin slices. This works best with a mandolin. Bake the pieces laid out on a baking tray at 180 degrees for about half an hour. Add a pinch of salt and enjoy a light-hearted, low-calorie snack at just 100 calories.

Diet snacks with a fresh kick

A good alternative to the usual snacks are, of course, fruit and vegetables. But even with seemingly low-calorie snacks, you have to be careful not to fall into the trap. Fruit contains a lot of fructose and that’s where the calories are hidden – discover a list of the sugar content of fruit here. Therefore, avoid dried fruit, as the sugar concentration in this is particularly high. Instead, bring fresh fruit as low-calorie snacks. Oranges, for example, have a high water content and therefore few calories (approx. 55 calories each), papaya and raspberries only have 32 calories per 100 grams.

Even better low-calorie snacks for the evening are carrots, radishes or cucumbers for losing weight. Healthy nibbles like these are easy to snack on and have hardly any calories – between 12 and 25 per 100 grams. You can easily grab them. Duchess Meghan also likes to use it – find out here which 3 foods keep Meghan Markle slim.

The hit list of low-calorie snacks

For many, low-calorie snacks sound like doing without and a boring rusk diet. This need not be. For example, the best diet snacks are Cottage cheese, Harzer Roller and various vegetableswith which you can refine your dinner or which you can eat pure. nuts are a healthy alternative to chips. low calorie carrots, radishes and cucumbers effectively support weight loss.

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