Detained a young Thai national for driving from Koh Chang blister on palm Suspected sick with “smallpox monkey”

Last evening (Aug. 5, 2022) at a private hospital. There was a tourist, a French man, riding a motorcycle traveling from Koh Chang District. for examination after finding that there was a blister on the palm which, after the initial examination of the hospital, was suspected and considered to bemonkey pox The staff then coordinated to Trat Hospital. to carry out the procedure and treat

While waiting for the coordination, it turned out that the male tourist suspected to be monkey pox walked out of the quarantine room Go to the parking lot to ride the motorcycle out. But the police and hospital staff rushed to talk and understand. about the reasons for detention for inspection Because there may be a suspicionmonkey pox But the tourists confirmed that There is no risk and I don’t believe it is.monkey pox

Detained a young Thai national for driving from Koh Chang  blister on palm  suspected sick "smallpox monkey"

However, after understanding The tourist also agreed to undergo a more detailed verification. by giving tourists in detention room until the real results are known.

Chakkrit Waewklaihong, regional correspondent, Trat Province

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