Discover the Underrated Gems of Australian Indie Rock: RVG’s ‘Brain Worms’

2023-06-25 10:00:00

Australia has always stood for premium quality when it comes to pop and rock music. Nevertheless, there are also musical insider tips from this continent that have not yet received the recognition they deserve. RVG, the quartet around Romy Vager, is undoubtedly one of them. “Brain Worms” is the band’s third studio album and offers rousing indie rock in the best Australian tradition.

The proven sound of the band from Melbourne combines the gloomy sound worlds of Joy Division with the driving energy of The Wedding Present and the bright guitar sound of the Go-Betweens, without ever sounding imitative. The organic interweaving of blunt and unforgiving lyrics, snappy and catchy melodies and the band’s rousing joy of playing ensures that the music actually sounds fresh, powerful and unique. The mix of post-punk, jangle pop and garage rock results in a dynamic, explosive sound mixture that gives new power and momentum.

Brain Worms
(Fire Records)

In the texts, Romy Vager deals with negative experiences and addresses critical developments – the arc spans from serial killers and conspiracy theorists to social imbalances to bush fires and apocalyptic nightmares – without ever sounding pessimistic or desperate.

The musically conveyed motto is: persevere and keep going. “The songs show me how I can live with negative developments and experiences,” says Vager in an interview. Accordingly, “Brain Worms” convinces as a collection of songs with life-affirming dynamics, with which the band pleases in up- and mid-tempo.

In addition to the dominant guitars and the accentuated drums, synthesizer sounds also find their place. The Australian quartet’s greatest asset, however, is the distinctive, powerful, harsh androgynous voice of Romy Vager – Patti Smith, Nico and Chrissie Hynde serve as reference figures.

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