Dissatisfied with the sanctions!Putin chokes: Europe needs Russian energy, but we will turn to Asia, especially China | International

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Figure: Flip through Putin’s Facebook (file photo)

Russia sent troops to Ukraine, triggering comprehensive economic sanctions in many countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized that European countries tried to cut off Russia’s energy supply, causing market turmoil. Develop Asian markets and diversify energy exports.

With energy supplies to the West dwindling for the foreseeable future, Putin said at a televised government energy industry conference on Thursday, Russia must focus on diversifying its energy exports towards fast-growing southern and eastern markets, Agence France-Presse reported. .

Putin criticized that European countries have successively imposed sanctions on Russia, banned Russian energy, destabilized the market and raised energy prices. The economy, consumers have to face costs that are several times higher, the consequences of this will be very painful, and the initiators of these policies will suffer first.

Putin warned that Europe could not find a reasonable alternative source of Russian natural gas, and even partners in countries unfriendly to Russia admitted that they could not survive without Russian energy supplies, including natural gas, and Russia needed to accelerate infrastructure and expand transportation networks , including railways, ports, etc., to shift the supply of oil and gas from the west to new regions in the next few years, in addition to the south and east, but also countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific, especially a few years ago China, which has already started exporting energy.

Putin: Europe needs Russian energy, but we will turn to Asian markets, especially China

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