‘Don’t speak in Malayalam’, Dr. Riyaz blasted Saleem. Robin

Kochi, First Published May 24, 2022, 11:26 PM IST

Today marks the start of a new weekly task at Bigg Boss. Everyone is coming out on top as they get the chance to compete in next week’s captaincy task. This week’s task is to hunt for money. As the weekly task progressed, Riyaz Salim and Dr. Robin also had a heated argument (Bigg Boss).

The weekly task was to win the coin of each color and earn the most points. The one who gets the most points in each stage will be selected. The winner will receive the most points when notified. He will have the opportunity to expel someone from the competition. The outsider can give his coins to someone else. You can support someone other than that person. Jasmine was the first winner. Jasmine was the first to expel Blasley. Blasley backed Robin. Jasmine was the winner in the second round as well. Jasmine raised a question before deciding who to fire this time.

Jasmine wanted to know what the match would be like if Blasley fired his supporter. The question was whether Blasley would be completely eliminated from the competition. While waiting for the answer to that doubt, Dr. There was a dispute between Robin and Riaz. Riaz heard Blaiseley speak English and advised him as captain. Blasouli told Dilsha and Riyaz that Bro should speak in Malayalam. Riyaz said again in English that he knew what to say.

It was then that Dr. Exploding Robin Riaz. Do not speak in Malayalam. Robin yelled at Riaz. Robin said, “You are not from Kollam, you are not educated in Malayalam media. Has been in English for some time. The show shows. Says in unfamiliar English. Dr. Robin told Riyaz to go to English Bigg Boss. Dr. is a person who does not know how to read in Malayalam. Riyaz said it was Robin. Riyaz clarified that he was then told to speak Malayalam. Now Riyaz is speaking in Malayalam. Robin pointed angrily. Dr. Jasmine, who was involved in the dispute between the two. Robin nodded. Robin said to confront the kind of person. Eventually Blasley himself was seen trying to intervene and end the problems.

Today’s the match

Points earned by each in the first round

Akhil- 294
Dhanya- 316
Dilsha- 453
Suraj- 213
Vinay- 174
Robin- 143
Rias- 304
Jasmine- 471
Blasley- 117
Lakshmi Priya- 208
Ronson- 46
Suchitra – 344

Jasmine, who got the most points, used the opportunity she got. Blasley was announced to be expelled from the task. Blasley takes revenge. The power of the captain was abused. So the reason given is that he is not fit to come to the next captain position. Blasley gave Ronson the points he got. Blasley made it clear that he also supports Rob.

The point level of the second phase

Akhil- 345
Dhanya- 368
Dilsha- 547
Suraj- 245
Vinay- 226
Robin- 363
Rias- 371
Jasmine- 594
Lakshmi Priya- 273
Ronson- 193
Suchitra- 515

Dr. Jasmine announces that she’s expelling Rob from the task. So Blasley, who had supported Rob, was completely out of the task. Robin handed over his points to Dilshai. He also said that he supports Sooraj. Bigg Boss made it clear that today’s task was over when Robin informed him.

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