‘Don’t want to get involved in trouble’ Reasons for Reino Barack to decide on Luna Maya

Before marrying Syahrini on February 27, 2029 ago, Barack Kingdom known to have an affair with Luna Maya for several years.

There is confusion about why Luna Maya and Reino Barack split up. Many suspected that the businessman’s family did not give their blessing to their relationship.

However, Reino Barack himself has opened his voice regarding the reasons why he broke off his relationship with Luna Maya.

In a conversation, Reino Barack revealed the reason why he was break is because Luna Maya has done something fatal and violated her life principles. Syahrini’s husband also said that his ex-lover had done something that violated the law.

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He even bluntly said that his relationship with Luna Maya ended on August 16.

“I ended my relationship on August 16, one day before Indonesian independence. Because I knew that the next day he would go to the ceremony, but in the end it didn’t happen because we debated the fatal mistake he made,” said Reino as quoted Mamagini via YouTube channel uploads Metro TV Perspective on Thursday (22/12/2022).

“Yes, it’s a personal matter but it just violates my life principles, which I think is unwise and in my opinion it’s against the law,” he continued.

The man, who is now 38 years old, revealed that he was reluctant to get involved in the problems that his ex-girlfriend had done.

“And I don’t want to be mixed up, to be brought into such a problem,” explained Reino.

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He mentioned that at that time he had made the decision to separate and continue with his own life.

“You live, just live your own life. I don’t want to know anymore. Moreover, talking about legal matters, I want to let go,” said Reino.

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