Egyptian Artist Sherif Helmy’s Health Crisis: Updates and Prayers for Speedy Recovery

2023-11-04 16:49:08
Egyptian artist Sherif Helmy suffered a health problem, as a result of which he was transferred to the hospital, in order to undergo surgery.

His daughter, Heidi, announced the news of the health problem on her Facebook account, where she published a group of photos of her with her father in the hospital, and accompanied them with a comment in which she asked the public to pray for her father for a speedy recovery.

Heidi wrote: “Pray for my father, a father in operations. May God grant me patience and heal him. Amen, O Lord. I ask you, O God, to heal him. There is no harm except your harm, and there is no benefit except your benefit, and there is no trial except your test, and there is no well-being except your well-being. You are the Ever-Living, the Self-Subsisting.”

Heidi did not reveal any other details regarding his health condition or the illness he suffers from.

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