Eliminating Hepatitis B and C by 2030: Free Screening and Treatment Rights for All – Ministry of Public Health

2023-08-14 20:15:00

Ministry of Public Health Set a goal to eliminate hepatitis B and C by 2030, therefore providing benefits for hepatitis B and C screening for all people. All treatment rights born before 1992 prior to hepatitis B vaccination benefits Free for every newborn, which is about 30-40 million people nationwide. To be screened for hepatitis B and C viruses free of charge at all hospitals near home that participate in the Gold Card program. starting today

Transmission of hepatitis B and C viruses

Hepatitis B and C are transmitted similarly to AIDS, from blood and secretions. use of infected needles unprotected sex and mother-to-child contact

target group

general public

Able to be examined 1 time for life

Risk group

people infected with HIV injecting drug users man having sex with man Public health personnel, inmates

Should be screened for hepatitis C again every year if found before taking medication and cured.

Channels for screening services for hepatitis B and C viruses

People can get screening for hepatitis B and C at

Government hospitals, sub-district health promoting hospitals All public health service centers

The Ministry of Public Health together with the NHSO pushed for the inclusion of hepatitis B and C screening tests in the National Health Security Benefit Package. All people born before 1992 can be screened for hepatitis B with HBsAg and screened for hepatitis C with Anti-HCV once during their lifetime.

However, those who are entitled to repeat hepatitis C screening every 1 year, the service unit will receive a fee when providing screening services to target groups. Effective retrospectively from 1 April 2023 onwards.

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