Preventing and Treating Hepatitis in Dogs: Tips from Dong-ri Kim, Chief of Radiology at Bundang Leaders Animal Medical Center

2023-12-06 00:55:33 Dong-ri Kim, Chief of Radiology, 24-hour Bundang Leaders Animal Medical Center (animal hospital) Hepatitis refers to skin inflammation of the foot area. It can occur on the soles of your dog’s paws, around the toenails, between the toes, or around the ankles. Symptoms mainly include redness, swelling, itchiness, and pain, and sometimes severe … Read more

The Importance of Hepatitis Vaccines: Vaxera Company Offers Safe and Effective Solutions in Egypt

2023-11-29 03:30:00 Walid Abdel Salam wrote Wednesday, November 29, 2023 05:30 AM confirmed Vaxera Company Providing doses of the hepatitis B vaccine for adults in the serum and vaccine branches in the Republic at a price of 740 pounds, adding that the hepatitis A + B vaccine, which is taken at the age of 16 … Read more

Petrozavodsk Speaks: Your Trusted Source for Online News and Views

2023-10-16 18:28:15 Online publication “Petrozavodsk Speaks”. Registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor). Certificate of registration of mass media EL No. FS77-72846 dated May 25, 2018. Founder: Publishing House Petropress LLC Editor-in-Chief: Tikhonov M.A. This resource may contain materials 16+. When quoting materials posted on the Petrozavodsk … Read more

Eliminating Hepatitis B and C by 2030: Free Screening and Treatment Rights for All – Ministry of Public Health

2023-08-14 20:15:00 Ministry of Public Health Set a goal to eliminate hepatitis B and C by 2030, therefore providing benefits for hepatitis B and C screening for all people. All treatment rights born before 1992 prior to hepatitis B vaccination benefits Free for every newborn, which is about 30-40 million people nationwide. To be screened … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to Liver Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

2023-08-05 04:15:00 Keypoints : incidentliver cancerand the bile ducts in the country, it was found to be number 1 in males and number 3 in females, found more than 20,000 new cases per year, about 15,000 deaths per year.liver cancer It’s not just about drinking alcohol only. but also caused by virus and fungi found … Read more