Exclusive Interview with Hou Youyi: Willing to be Ke’s Deputy to Delist the DPP? Latest Response Revealed

2023-08-26 00:49:38

“Interview with Zhongtian” Internet spicy question “Would you like to be Ke’s deputy in order to delist the DPP”? Hou Youyi’s latest response was exposed. (picture screenshot from Zhongtian YT)

There is only half a year left before the 2024 presidential election, and according to the latest poll released by TVBS yesterday (25th), DPP candidate Lai Qingde continues to lead, while Hou ranks third, and the issue of opposition integration has also attracted much attention. KMT candidate Hou Youyi was interviewed by Zhongtian “Lu Xiufang Spicy Evening News” last night. He was asked whether he would be willing to serve as the deputy of KMT candidate Ke Wenzhe if the opposition was integrated and if the polls continued to be third. The latest response is given.

Net throwing spicy question “Willing to be Ke’s deputy in order to delist the DPP”! Hou Youyi’s latest response has a mystery? (The source of the video is Youtube, please forgive me if it is deleted)

The host Lu Xiufang asked Hou Youyi in an exclusive interview, “If the polls are still third, will he be matched with Mayor Ke, or become the deputy, or become the premier?”, “On the premise of delisting the DPP, Will Mayor Hou accept the blue-white integration, or become Ke P’s deputy?”, “Is there any possibility between you and Ke Wenzhe?”. Hou Youyi responded with a long speech from his candidacy, emphasizing “continuous efforts to let the people understand me”, and then with the people’s expectations, “unite all forces” to remove the corrupt DPP.

Hou Youyi first pointed out that during his tenure as the mayor of New Taipei City, he not only received high opinion polls, but also received a lot of evaluations. He won the five-star mayor for four consecutive years. Discredit and spread rumors. “I have been telling the truth and doing practical things from before to now, and I am rational and pragmatic.”

Hou Youyi also mentioned that the most important thing to fight in the election campaign is to have firm confidence, regardless of whether the polls are high or low, just like before he came out to announce the election, the polls were very high, and the result was less than a month. The polls were cut in half, and a drug feeding case turned into a drug feeding case, and then turned into an oolong case. Hou questioned, “I don’t know what kind of operation this is?”

In addition, Hou Youyi also said that I believe that everyone will be very wise to communicate and face all challenges. When everyone does not know enough, in the face of slander and rumors, he will continue to go to the countryside to give lectures and listen to the pragmatic Miaokou. The voice of the people speaks clearly.

But Lu Xiufang pressed Hou Youyi, the election is very cruel, and only one group of people will be elected, so no matter whether you are ranked second or third in the polls, you will lose, so what will be your strategy? Lu also quoted Ke Wenzhe’s previous interview with Zhongtian as saying that “anything is possible with Hou Youyi”, and it seems that he has begun to let go, asking whether anything is possible between Hou and Ke? Hou reiterated that he is of course running for the presidency on behalf of the Kuomintang, and he will “unite all forces including Mayor Ke” to let the political party take turns.

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