Experience the Phenomenon: Wendy Guevara Takes Chile by Storm with Her Incredible Journey

2023-08-26 07:09:24

The television, digital and viral phenomenon with the greatest impact in Mexico and all of Latin America in recent years arrives in Chile in November, we are referring to WENDY GUEVARA.

Turned into a celebrity that sweeps popularity on social networks, winner of the MTV MIAW award for the most viral videos on the network, as well as a few days ago she celebrated her first place in the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos, México”, This being the most viewed and highest rated in the history of reality shows in the Aztec country.

Wendy Guevara rose to fame in a video recorded with her friend, after a date where they were later left alone, in the video the girls explained what had happened and with a great sense of humor they shouted “we are lost, lost, lost…!” , moment in which a huge fame begins for Wendy and her friend.

Today Wendy Guevara is the most famous celebrity in Mexico, being the first trans woman to have won the hearts of all Mexicans, throughout Latin America and the world through television and social networks.

Wendy Guevara arrives in Chile to live a night of meeting with her public, with a beautiful show and entertainment that will be remembered forever by all attendees.

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