the president of FIFA proposed that there be a “Maradona Day” in each World Cup

The Brazilian coach highlighted the attitude of the megastar of his team, who was injured with a sprained ankle, and assured that he will play again in this World Cup. “Precisely in relation to Neymar I want to make a technical observation. He stayed on the field feeling pain in his ankle because the team … Read more

Disclosure of the date of the Crown Prince’s visit to South Korea • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Korean news agency, Newsys, revealed that the Kingdom and South Korea are arranging a possible meeting between Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and South Korean President Yoon Sok Yul, on the sidelines of His Highness’s visit to Seoul this week. And the agency stated that an official in the South Korean presidency … Read more

Good news for victory regarding the health condition of Betty Martinez… and the disclosure of the date of his participation with the team

Al-Marsad Sports: Sources revealed that Al-Nasr’s midfielder, Argentine Petit Martinez, received the green light to participate in the “Al-Alame” training after his absence for a long time due to a problem in the heart. According to “Al-Riyadia” newspaper, on Wednesday, “Martínez skipped medical tests, which he underwent in the heart in order to ensure his … Read more

The date of the Al-Ahly and Kazma match in the Arab Basketball Championship semi-finals and the carrier channels

The first men’s basketball team at Al-Ahly Club is preparing for the Arab Championship semi-finals when it faces its Kuwaiti counterpart Kazma in a strong match. Al-Ahly club had defeated Al-Jahra Kuwait 93/54 in the match that brought them together yesterday evening, Wednesday, in the quarter-finals. It is scheduled to meet the Red Genie with … Read more

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden: the release date of the PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC ports made official!

For years, fans of the series Persona and the curious were waiting forAtlus carries the latest episodes to modern consoles and beyond PlayStation. Persona 4 Golden opened the ball with his arrival on Steam in 2020but it wasn’t until earlier this year that the publisher opened the floodgates by announcing larger ports of the last … Read more