Family’s Shocking DNA Test Results: The Truth Uncovered in China’s Mainland

2023-12-13 13:12:20

A grandfather in mainland China accidentally uncovers the truth about his family’s bloodline. (Schematic diagram/Pxhere)

The more I pursue the truth, the sadder I become. A grandfather surnamed Li in mainland China was scolded by his neighbors for saying “his grandson is nothing like him”, so he secretly took his grandson to identify him and confirmed that the two were not related by blood. Unexpectedly, in order to convince his son who did not believe that his wife was stealing food, he took his son with him again. The results of the three-generation test revealed that the three of them are not related by blood.

According to local media reports, Li Weng was dissatisfied in the past that his daughter-in-law, who worked in a well-known hotel, always wore “heavy makeup” to work. She often scolded him for his misbehavior, which caused tension between the father-in-law and his daughter-in-law. Li Zi, who was caught between the two, had to take his wife and son with him. They lived apart to maintain family harmony, but this illusion soon dissipated with the death of Li’s mother.

Li Zi was worried about his father, whose health was getting worse and who lived alone. He chose to move the family back to his old house to take care of his father. However, not long after Li Weng welcomed his 6-year-old grandson, he heard neighbors commenting that he was completely different from his grandson, which made him “hypochondriac.” “It happened again, so I immediately took my grandson for a DNA test and got the answer that the two were not related.

Li Zi chose to believe his wife about this shocking result; her daughter-in-law also told Li Weng that she was willing to take another test to test his innocence. However, Li Weng, who was convinced that his wife had betrayed his son, naturally did not agree to let his daughter-in-law participate. He only took his son with him for the appraisal to convince the other party.

Unexpectedly, the results of the three people’s identification turned out to be no blood relationship. In other words, the reason why Li Weng and his grandson were not related by blood was that they were both his son and his blood stranger. This shocked Li Weng, Li Zi and their daughter-in-law that Li Weng had died. The mother actually went to the grave with a shocking secret, and Li Zi’s biological father will always remain a mystery.

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