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Often, through social media, celebrities including consumers try to do many experiments, but they also suffer losses in all of them.

A similar incident happened with a famous former model, who started posting health related videos on social media, which led to the death of the model.

The life of model Irina Astinova from Hesfer, Croodnall, UK, changed when she received the news that she was suffering from cancer.

Although she was giving importance to the treatment of medical science in this regard, however, just like the native doctors and native treatment are common with us, the former model also preferred to have indigenous treatment.

Doctors warned the former model that she was close to death, if she didn’t get the cancer treated. She had stage three cancer at the time, but Irena ignored the warning and followed the indigenous tips.

However, Irina, who came by ambulance to Fermley Park Hospital, agreed to undergo chemotherapy. After staying in the hospital for 10 days, she consented to chemotherapy.

However, now after doctors’ advice and scientific treatment, Irena is returning to a healthy life. While advising other patients, Irena said that I had deviated from the advice of health professionals and standard medicine, which led to the end of my life.

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2024-04-21 17:14:42

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