Fingerprint .. Does it return to the iPhone?

MacRamers said that the fingerprint unlocking technology will not be present in the iPhone 15 phones and may not return to the flagship iPhones in the foreseeable future. And the site transmitted this information from Bloomberg Network, which also said that Apple is unlikely to hold any events during the remainder of this year to announce its new products, and therefore there may not be an event during this October, noting that the Far Out event in which Apple announced About the iPhone 14 last September was probably the last events of the company for this year.

The source confirmed the same news that was issued previously, and indicated that any new products coming from Apple, such as the iPad, Mac and Apple TV, will be announced through press releases, media briefings and updates on the Apple Store online. Bloomberg had said last week that Apple is likely to launch an 11-inch iPad, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini with M2 processors before the end of this year 2022, and also said that Apple TV with A14 processor and 4GB RAM is on the way to launch within This year as well.

Regarding the fingerprint technology, the report said that Apple tested this technology under the screen during previous years, but it remains that the technology is not expected to return to the leading devices, but in return, this technology may come to the upcoming iPhone SE in the power button located on the side. From the phone, according to the report, but there is no strong news about it.

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