Four Myanmar political prisoners have not yet been executed.

Information was sent through online channels, indicating that the Myanmar military government Prepare to execute 4 political prisoners held in Insein prison this morning But the latest information from a spokesman for Cook In Sein He reiterated that there was no order to be executed.

Today (16 June 2022) information that says Myanmar authorities to execute four political prisoners at Inseng prison in the morning It was shared widely through online channels.

Myanmar Nao, a Myanmar media, made inquiries to the Insein prison. And received a response from a spokesman about denying the information, stressing that there was no official death sentence.

Myanmar media said such rumors came out of the Insein prison that held thousands of political prisoners The four suspects are still being held in prison. but no details

The four prisoners are Kyaw Min Yoo or Go Jimmy, an activist. Democracy activists during 1988 were arrested when Oct. last year on charges of sedition and involvement in terrorism

Pure Seya Taw, hip-hop singer Turning into politics as a member of the NLD party was arrested late last year. and was sentenced to death at the beginning of last year

Two others, La Mo Aung and Aung Tura Zaw, were sentenced to death when Apr last year from offenses related to the murder of women believed to be ties to the military.

These are four of the 114 political prisoners sentenced to death after the Feb 1 coup last year. by a number of Myanmar people brought a sign with the message that “If there was an execution will definitely retaliate.” Hanging at a bridge in the middle of Yangon

While the human rights agency said that although the Myanmar authorities came out to deny it. Execution of political prisoners today But the situation of arrest, detention, torture and the likelihood of the actual implementation of the death penalty in Myanmar still worried calls for consideration of the abolition of the death penalty to political prisoners

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