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2023-09-01 16:32:21

Inflation is rising again, bank customers are not protected from madness about interest rates – Black-Green is a total failure in terms of financial policy

Vienna (OTS) “Actually, no further proof of the failure of this federal government in fiscal policy was needed. Nevertheless, black-green delivers another sad spectacle with the theater surrounding the expiry of mandates in the General Council of the Austrian National Bank (OeNB), which clearly shows that black-green is hopelessly overwhelmed in the financial sector,” commented the liberal finance and budget spokesman NAbg . Hubert Fuchs the current events at the OeNB. Fuchs demanded from ÖVP Finance Minister Brunner the immediate announcement of those people who are to succeed the retiring General Council members. “In order to maintain the highest level of the advisory and control function in the National Bank, personalities who have the relevant expertise in the financial world must be given the opportunity to do so. This body is too important for a supply job, ”emphasized Fuchs.

Overall, the last few weeks have been characterized by the failure of the federal government in fiscal policy. “Unfortunately, the ÖVP finance minister only put together a ‘cheating aid package’ with the banks, which does not bring any real relief. The application for a comprehensive aid package submitted by the FPÖ in the special session was rejected by the governing parties,” said Fuchs, FPÖ spokesman for finance and budget. This included an immediate increase in savings interest linked to the key interest rate, the introduction of an interest rate cap for borrowers, term extensions, deferrals and reductions in other credit costs, no loans becoming due and no reminder fees. The FPÖ also called for the introduction of an excess profit tax or an increase in the bank levy to end the profit maximization of banks at the expense of customers and the earmarking of the additional income to finance the interest rate cap on housing loans and to support financially weak people in the current crisis.

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