FPÖ – Hafenecker to Stocker: “The ÖVP has taken the normality away from the Austrians, only the FPÖ gives it back to them!” | Liberal Parliament Club

2023-07-30 12:33:04

Only Herbert Kickl and the Freedom Party are on the side of the population

Vienna (OTS) “With its completely wrong policy, the ÖVP, together with the Greens, is responsible for the fact that the majority of Austrians have lost the usual normality in almost all areas of life. This applies in particular to the compulsory Corona regime, with which Nehammer, Edtstadler and Co. harassed the population, trampled on their fundamental rights and freedoms, wanted to drive them into the needle with compulsory vaccination and divided society, which countless citizens did perceived right as agony. This policy, pursued by the ÖVP in conjunction with the remaining green-red-pink parts of the unity party, is extreme and an unacceptable crossing of borders, while only Herbert Kickl and we Liberals stand up for the restoration of normality!”, FPÖ Secretary General NAbg reacted today. Christian Hafenecker, MA on statements by ÖVP General Secretary Stocker, whose “nervousness and desperation due to disastrous poll numbers and election defeats” apparently knew no bounds.

“It’s not normal to let almost 23,000 illegal immigrants into the country in just six months and have your own population pay the bill with their security and billions in tax money in the social, educational and judicial systems, so that more and more citizens already feel like strangers in their own country. It is also not normal to willfully destroy the prosperity of Austrians that has been hard-earned over decades and generations, to fuel record inflation with the self-destructive sanctions regime and a senseless CO2 tax, and thus to destroy our everlasting neutrality and sovereignty. But all of that is the disastrous balance sheet of this ÖVP, which above all feels committed to the self-appointed elites and for which, as a former Christian-social business party, it is obviously a matter of course to heave the eco-Marxist Greens onto the government bench. All of this may be normal for Mr. Stocker and his black party colleagues, but clearly not for us liberals and the majority of the population!” said Hafenecker.

Austria therefore urgently needs a political turnaround, which is only possible with a strong FPÖ in a federal government led by it with a liberal people’s chancellor: “Because only we liberals, as the only stable force, have the will and the ability to give the Austrians that normality back , which ÖVP and Greens took away from them together with the other two red-pink components of the unity party! That’s what a Chancellor Herbert Kickl stands for!”

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