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2023-07-30 15:00:00

These days, the heat wave continues. Not only humans but also smartphones are hot. The main body tends to get hot when used outdoors in the hot sun or in a car. Depending on the model, it may overheat to the point where it feels abnormal. What should I do in such a case? I will explain the good and bad things to do when the smartphone gets hot.

People are hot, but smartphones are also “hot”. How can I cool it effectively?

Smartphones get hot quickly in summer

When a smartphone overheats, the camera function stops, the operation suddenly becomes slow, or the operation stops, or in severe cases, it restarts repeatedly. Extremely hot environments can also reduce smartphone battery life.

I only used it for a few minutes under the hot sun, but it went from 20 degrees to over 40 degrees in an instant.

The reason why the camera function can not be used when the smartphone overheats is because the safety function inside the terminal is activated. The safety function limits functions such as the camera and charging, and lowers the brightness of the screen and the processing speed of the CPU so that the temperature inside the smartphone does not rise to a critical temperature for the circuits.

The camera unit of a smartphone tends to generate heat when shooting high-quality videos and high-resolution photos, as it puts a heavy load on the smartphone. This is especially true when shooting 4K videos. Also, when shooting outdoors in the summer in direct sunlight, the entire smartphone will naturally heat up.

In such a situation, when the smartphone detects a rise in temperature, it limits the camera function.

In addition, temporary performance deterioration of smartphones occurs when electronic components such as chipsets and batteries inside heat up and the temperature rises. As the temperature of these parts rises, the risk of deterioration and failure of the parts increases, and the performance also decreases. As a result, smartphones may slow down apps or stop charging in an attempt to cool down. As a result, the operation becomes heavy, and the usual application is jerky.

By the way, in the case of the iPhone, if the internal temperature of the terminal rises extremely, all functions other than emergency calls may not be available.

These functional restrictions and performance degradation are not permanent, and the smartphone is not broken. Cool your smartphone and give it a rest to revive it. However, there is a good way to cool it down and a bad way to do it.

How should I cool my smartphone?

Smartphone, cooling method that you should not do

First, let’s take a look at how to cool your smartphone that you shouldn’t do. If you do this, in the worst case, the inside of the terminal will become moldy or rusty. It may cause irreparable damage.

AQUOS R8 and AQUOS R8 pro.Has a unique mechanism to dissipate heat from the ring around the camera

One is to apply a cold pack or ice that has been frozen in the freezer. Cooling the device rapidly can cause condensation to form inside the device. Condensed water may cause an electrical short in the battery or internal circuits, resulting in malfunction.

Also, it is NG to put it in the refrigerator or freezer. As with ice packs and ice, there is a risk of condensation, and the cooling effect is even stronger, so there is a risk of freezing inside. Also, if you go out to a hot environment after this and repeat cooling again, mold may appear. .

Soaking it in water is strictly prohibited. Devices with a waterproof function have a structure that prevents water from penetrating into the inside from the outside, but if it cools down quickly, the possibility of condensation inside is the same as a non-waterproof smartphone.

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In any case, if you cool it “rapidly”, “condensation” will occur, and it will damage the circuits inside the terminal. In other words, the best way to cool the smartphone is to gradually cool it so that it does not leak.

Rapid cooling is bad for smartphones

・Condensation occurs inside if the product is cooled rapidly.
・Moisture can cause short circuits and rust
・Do not put it in the freezer or soak it in water.

So what is the best way to cool down?

First, it is effective to stop charging and turn off the power. The battery generates heat when charging, and the internal circuitry when the smartphone is in operation. By stopping these, you can suppress the heat generation inside the smartphone. However, if you turn off the power, you will not be able to use your smartphone. You might think that this is putting the cart before the horse.

One practical method is to remove the case and cover. Due to their structure, these items trap heat and make it difficult for it to escape. If you remove the case, the wind may hit the main unit, and the heat dissipation effect will be improved.

The case protects from scratches and shocks, but it also traps heat.You may want to consider taking it off in the middle of summer.

In addition, it is recommended to use a mini fan, fan cooler, etc. to expose the device to the wind. It can be said that it is correct not to cool rapidly, but to cool to the extent that dew condensation does not occur.

There is also a hand to cool with cooling goods. Heat radiation plates, cooling sheets, etc. To further increase the heat dissipation effect, it is also effective to use a heat dissipation/cooling sheet. Cooling plate fans that use “Peltier elements” are also available on the market as expensive ones, so it would be even more effective to use something like this.

The cooling plates, sheets, fans, etc. for smartphones mentioned at the end are sold in various ways by looking at mail order sites such as Amazon. If your camera stops working while you’re out in the summer, or if you’re playing an online game and it’s jerky, it might be a good idea to try using these cooling products.

Let’s cool down gently and slowly, such as applying wind

・It is effective to turn off the power supply and charging
・ It is safe to apply a fan or mini electric fan
・It is also ant to remove the case
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