Fuel prices will reach their highest levels in 2023

2023-09-11 16:00:00

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The Spanish newspaper ABC reported that average fuel prices rose again in the first week of this month, which coincides with the return of schools, continuing their rise for the ninth week in a row, recording an increase of up to 12.8% since the beginning of summer.

The newspaper said that gasoline became more expensive this week by 0.58% compared to what it was a week ago, reaching 1,731 euros per liter, which is its highest value so far this year.

The cost of filling a tank with a capacity of about 50 liters was 86.50 euros. That’s an increase of about seven euros compared to the same week last year.

In the same context, the average price of diesel also rose for nine consecutive weeks, recording in the first week of September 1.622 euros per litre, an increase of 0.62% over the previous week. This is a level that has not been recorded since mid-February.

The newspaper continued that the increases in fuel prices coincided with the government lifting fuel subsidies last December, which caused a continuous rise on a weekly basis until the rate of increase in the price of a liter of gasoline reached 8.7%. While the price of diesel increased by 12.8%.

Source: Spanish newspaper ABC

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