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2023-12-05 13:04:13

However, where the game surprises is in the game mechanics. The developers have taken the time to review the formula as a whole in order to concoct fluid and dynamic gameplay that is perfectly in tune with the times.

First of all, the heroes now have more lightness and no longer benefit from their own characteristics, which allows the player to overcome all dangers with their favorite character. As a result, you should no longer feel obliged to prefer the one who best suits your style of play. A fairness which will undoubtedly put certain protagonists, usually neglected, back in the forefront.

Then the badges appear. This system offers the player the possibility of equipping a bonus represented in the form of a badge (which sometimes turns out to be more of a penalty). These grant, for example, the ability to temporarily cling to the wall, to hover, to become invisible, to change the hero’s physics, to discover hidden boxes, etc. They can be recovered during events called “challenges” or from certain sellers.

There is a wide choice of playable heroes in this opus. -Nintendo

To help the heroes complete their objective, the player can play as 12 playable characters. Seven of them (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad and Toadette) are considered “classic”, because they play in a traditional way, can be attacked and benefit from special powers. Among these abilities, there is therefore the aspect of the bubble, the drill, the flower of fire, as well as a new transformation into an elephant.

Faced with the power of the elephant, the player can remain Baba… but also Babar. -Nintendo

A power appearing for the first time, which does not grant the ability to fly like Dumbo, but rather to gain strength by fighting using the pachyderm’s trunk. The nasal organ can also absorb water to spray its enemies, as well as the surroundings. Compared to some previous games, there are few powers, but they are all used very well during the adventure.

A game for everyone

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” has several elements that make it a title perfectly dedicated to the family cocoon.

Coming back to the characters, beyond the first seven mentioned, there are five others who are described as “easy”, given that they have characteristics more accessible to the general public. The four chromatic versions of Yoshi and the thief Carottin are immune to damage (except for falls) and prohibited from receiving the special skills mentioned above.

These two perspectives, conditioned by the choice of hero, allow as many people as possible to enjoy this adventure, whether they are hardened players or beginners wishing to play the license recently discovered in the cinema. Especially since this new accessible approach does not really distort the platform side of the title, while still confronting the neophyte with the difficulties linked to level design.

Increased accessibility that gives everyone a chance without distorting the game. – Nintendo

Which is ideal for the youngest or parents who never approach a controller, but wish to share “gaming” moments with their children and/or teenagers.

In addition, this two-speed experience, combined with local multiplayer (up to four participants), truly allows you to evolve together while helping each other to have fun with friends or family.

Furthermore, there is also an online mode which is discreet, but which can allow you to approach the levels differently. Each player explores their own part, the others being present in ghost mode. This connected experience also contributes to mutual aid by showing hidden places to partners or by granting a second chance (within 5 seconds max) after failure.

A world that smells of fresh paint

Mario’s environments have always been very colorful and warm. But within this new opus, the splendor of the settings is even more impressive, with a special mention for the surprising “Wonder” phases which each time transform the levels in a “wonderful” way.

The “Wonder” phases dynamite the levels literally and figuratively. -Nintendo

The evolution of the animations is impressive. The creatures are also much more humanized thanks to the addition of detailed expressions. Like the visuals, the sounds have also been updated. This polish makes everything even more harmonious, warm and full of good vibes.

Technically, this opus is fluid and runs at 60 FPS. It is well optimized with no bugs to report during this test.

In addition, the lifespan of the title is very correct and it is difficult to interrupt your game as the non-linear exploration of the levels (rich in eclecticism) is very pleasant, whether it is done alone or surrounded of his loved ones.

The quintessence of two-dimensional opuses?

Nintendo gave the studio time to create this new Mario game and this is evident in the many good ideas found throughout the adventure.

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is therefore a little gem masterfully crafted by the development teams. It brings a real breath of fresh air to the license and especially to this style of game which has been gathering dust for years with the Japanese publisher.

Alone or with others, the pleasure is inextinguishable in this new opus available on the Switch. -Nintendo

A solid return which feels good, and which portends good things for the coming years if enthusiasm is there as was the case during the cinematic release featuring Mario and his brother Luigi.

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