Gagarina admitted that she forgets the words of her songs

According to the singer, once she forgot a whole verse.

Polina Gagarina. Photo: Global Look Press

Singer Polina Gagarin in the show “Russian Peppers” on “Russian Radio” she admitted that she sometimes forgets the lyrics in her songs.

“Actually, unfortunately or fortunately, it is very easy to understand whether I sing live or not. I very often forget the text, distracted by the eyes of my viewers. And it’s just that whole lines fall out of the lyrics that I’ve been singing for several years.

Polina Gagarina

As Pauline pointed out Gagarin, sometimes her forgetfulness is very funny. “I forgot a whole verse. It was in Mytishchi. The hall sang for me. For those who have questions, come to my shows. I will be waiting for you very much, ”said Polina Gagarina.

Remember that Polina Gagarin represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. She was able to take second place.

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