Gas station gas prices have fallen for 5 weeks… The trend is expected to continue next week

2023-11-11 09:08:56

Gasoline and diesel sales prices at domestic gas stations have fallen for five weeks.

According to Korea National Oil Corporation’s oil price information system Offinet on the 11th, the selling price of gasoline at gas stations nationwide in the second week of November (November 5 to 9) was 1,720.1 won per liter, down 25.6 won from the previous week.

Seoul, the region with the highest prices in the country, dropped 23.2 won to 1,797.1 won, and Daegu, which has the lowest oil prices, dropped 24.8 won to 1,663.2 won.

By brand, SK Energy gas stations had the highest price at an average of 1,728.3 won per liter, while private label gas stations had the lowest price at 1,695.9 won.

The price of diesel was calculated to be 1,661.5 won, down 14.5 won from the previous week.

Gasoline and diesel prices at domestic gas stations have fallen for five consecutive weeks since the second week of October due to the drop in international oil prices.

This week, international oil prices fell due to factors such as worsening economic indicators in major countries, expected slowdown in refining throughput in the United States and China, and Israel’s announcement of a temporary suspension of military engagement for four hours per day.

Dubai oil, the standard for imported crude oil prices, was $84.0 per barrel, down $3.9 from the previous week.

The international gasoline price fell by $1.2 to $93.3, and automobile diesel prices fell by $5.9 to $107.5.

Changes in international oil prices are usually reflected in domestic gas station prices after about two weeks.

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