Relatives of deputies use cards paid with public funds to load fuel

An investigation of Cyprus realize that some deputies use their gasoline charging cards irregularlyrecording its use by family and friends, which contravenes the rules of your benefit. Parliamentarians have cards to refuel their vehicles, those associated with a personal code, a RUT and a patentFor what is supposed to be a difficult system to break, … Read more

Petro-Peru: What should the country do with the state oil company? | ANALYSIS | fuel shortage | Gasoline price | Oil | Hydrocarbons | Energy | ECONOMY

Should we refloat it? Privatize it? Or should we sell its assets and liquidate it?because it’s worth nothing and it’s broken”, as proposed Alberto Arispe, general manager of Kallpa? “At this time I have proposed my resignation to the presidency of Petroperú to seek the achievement of that consensus”, Campodónico indicated last Thursday. With that, … Read more

Taiwan gasoline, diesel down 0.3 yuan and 0.2 yuan respectively | Taiwan PetroChina | Gasoline | Oil price

[The Epoch Times, October 16, 2022](Reported by The Epoch Times reporter Chang Huairen, Taipei, Taiwan)Taiwan PetroChinaThe company announced that it will start steam at 0:00 on the 17th,diesel fuelReduced by 0.3 yuan and 0.2 yuan respectively, the reference retail price is 92 unleaded respectivelygasoline28.9 yuan per liter, 95 unleaded gasoline 30.4 yuan per liter, 98 … Read more

“Today’s Petrol Price” Latest 9 Oct. 2022 This morning from 4 pumps, Gasoline, Gasohol, Diesel

Update”oil price today” Latest on October 9, 2022 at 7:00 a.m. benzene, gasohol group anddiesel from 4 pumps consisting of PTT Bangchak Shell and PT which “oil priceThis does not include local maintenance tax. Related news – Secret (not) secret recipe for ‘oil cocktail’, typical of ‘Chaiyawat Kovavisarat’, CEO of Bangchak – Putin signed a … Read more