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It has been decided that the masterpiece mystery-solving mystery “Ghost Trick” will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in the summer of 2023.

The masterpiece mystery game “Ghost Trick” (released in 2010) created by “Takumi Takumi”, the creator of the Gyakuten Saiban series, will make a long-awaited comeback on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Starting with “death”, the masterpiece of life and memory will be released in the summer of 2023, with higher resolution, more beautiful, and new features that make it even easier to play.

A “promotional video” that introduces the charm is also released!

A new masterpiece that is more beautiful and easier to play

■ Supports high resolution and high frame rate, and supports additional languages

It supports high resolution and high frame rate graphics to match the current machine, and the user interface has been optimized so that you can play comfortably on a single screen. In addition, the number of supported languages ​​has increased to nine, including traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Korean.

■ Collection function that allows you to enjoy illustrations and BGM

Added a collection function that allows you to collect various illustrations and BGM by advancing the game. Collected illustrations and BGM can be viewed at any time from the in-game menu.
You can enjoy the world of “Ghost Trick” even more by viewing some of the setting images that have not been released for the first time, and listening to music along with the famous scenes.

■ Moving ghost puzzles and challenging elements

“Ghost Puzzle”, which gained popularity in the smartphone version, is now available. Replace the moving pieces to complete a puzzle that reproduces one scene from this work! ?
In addition, “challenges” aiming to achieve various set conditions have been added. Challenge the replay elements such as clearing each chapter and not dying in a specific section!

Beginning with “death”, a masterpiece about life and memory revives

tonight. In a corner of the city, “I”, whose life and memory were stolen, woke up as a soul.
why was i killed
who killed me
And… who was I…?
…The soul will “disappear” tomorrow morning…
The one-night-only “lonely chasing drama” is now. Start!

Characters that color the story

■ Sisel

The main character of Nazomire who lost his life in a corner of the city.
Using the mysterious “power” obtained from death, he pursues the truth behind the lost Kioku and his own death. He has no memory, so he doesn’t remember anything about himself.

■ Rinne

A novice detective who is overwhelmed by burning justice and ideals.
It is believed that he was present at the scene of Sissel’s “death”. He himself was targeted by an assassin, and although he lost his life once, Sissel saved him with the power of the dead. …for the good of it, tonight she will have her life stolen by her forward leaning over and over again for her purpose…

■ Canon

A girl who lives in an apartment with her best friend’s dog, Missile.
By a twist of fate, he gets involved in an incident.

■ Missile

A Pomeranian who loves her owner, Kanon. She is 2 years old this year.
Shumi barks energetically.
He believes that protecting Kanon is his mission. By a twist of fate, this chance will come tonight…

Change fate with the power of the dead “Trick” and “Ayatsuru”

The main character, Sissel, will use the power of the dead to track down the mystery of her own death.
Solve the mystery of your own death with 《The Power of the Dead》, which can cling to various things and attack them!

■ Trick

Sissel can trick things with a “World of the Dead” called “Trick Vision”.
In a world where time has stopped, only the dead can see it.

■ Ayatsuru

The thing that clings to it can be returned to the “real world” and attacked.
It is possible to change the fate of the “real world” depending on what you manipulate, such as ringing the bell of Jitensha to attract the attention of the killer who is aiming for the heroine “Rinne”!

[Title information]
■ Ghost Trick

Release date: Scheduled for summer 2023
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, Xbox One, Steam
Genre: Adventure
Number of players: 1
Rating: CERO B (for ages 12 and up)

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* Screen shots are under development.


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