Graphic Video Footage: Confrontation Between Los Tlacos and La Familia Michoacana in Guerrero

2024-02-21 01:16:40

After a confrontation between alleged members of the criminal organizations “Los Tlacos” and “La Familia Michoacana”, which left 17 dead in the mountains of the municipality of San Miguel Totolapan, in the Tierra Caliente region of Guerrero, they have Videos documenting the brutal event have begun to circulate.

Through the platform of an alleged member of “La Familia Michoacana” while gunshots are heard in the background, as well as insults.

They call them “assholes” while they shoot at their bodies, strip them of their equipment, and in another recording begin the process of setting them on fire.

EL UNIVERSAL journalist, Héctor de Mauleón, said of the videos on Twitter: “So much arrogance, so much arrogance, so much mockery. And just look at the disaster that El Salvador in Mexico is leaving behind.”

Luis Cárdenas, a columnist also for El Gran Diario de México, said that “It is hell. It is dehumanized. It is a real example of the failed state and a reflection of the rotten state. The hitmen shoot at the inert bodies, strip them naked and humiliate them already dead. over and over and over again. That’s how you kill! They’re assholes! That’s how you kill! They shout between ghoulish laughter. I don’t think they do it to damage the image of López Obrador and his 4T. Really, I don’t think so. that they don’t care one bit about the president, the state or the law.




“You cannot make a pact with beasts and expect them to become tame. Mexico’s challenge is to put an end to the hell of organized crime, the rest is cheap politicking,” he says on his X account.

In another video you can see the passage of a vehicle caravan, who shouting identify themselves as members of the alleged criminal group “Los Tlacos”, in addition to carrying high-caliber weapons.

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Likewise, in a third recording, a criminal group that identified itself as the “Sierra Cartel” threatened, pointing out that “you politicians, stop supporting this garbage or you will end up the same.”

And according to reports from residents of that part of the mountains, the confrontation occurred at noon on Monday at a point known as Piedra Concha, a place where the videos were documented.

EL UNIVERSAL will not reproduce the videos as is. Produced this piece.

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