“He is beautiful”: the children of Saint Joseph school in La Louvière awakened by Saint-Nicolas after a night in class

Saint-Nicolas made his rounds last night, and it’s not over! This morning, Le Grand Saint notably went to the Saint-Joseph Institute in La Louvière where kindergarten students were waiting for him. They even spent the night in the school and were awakened by Saint Nicholas himself.

Some, very impatient, already had their eyes wide open, while others were still sleeping soundly.

“Many were awake and very eager to see me I think, and others who I think were still dreaming of me and seeing them with sparkling eyes is magical to me”confirmed the Great Saint.

Each child was greeted personally by Saint-Nicolas and they exchanged a little check and a few words.

“He is handsome”launches a child still amazed by his meeting.

The day is not over: after a breakfast with cougnous and cocoa, the children will wash themselves then they will again spend a privileged moment with the Great Saint, who will offer them some gifts.

An emotional adventure that began yesterday: the little ones arrived at school in their pajamas around 5:30 p.m. In class, with their teachers, they did a series of activities on the theme of Saint-Nicolas: crafts, songs, dances, stories… They then ate pizzas and watched a film on the legend of Saint-Nicolas with tasting of popcorn. The children and their teachers then went to bed awaiting this magical awakening with the patron saint of schoolchildren.

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