How did the United States and the United Kingdom help Iran shoot down the drone? – World

The United States and the United Kingdom played an active role in shooting down the missiles and drones fired by Iran at Israel in the airspace of Iraq and Syria. At the same time, the Jordanian Air Force also shot down dozens of Iranian missiles.

The US says that playing a role in ensuring the security of Israel is part of the US commitment. Britain’s Royal Air Force also played its part to ensure Israeli security.

US President Joe Biden has said that the US had done a good build-up before the Iranian attack. The timely delivery of reinforcements played a key role in thwarting the Iranian attack.

US President Joe Biden this week sent General Eric Kurila, the head of the US Central Command, to Israel to work with Israeli generals to develop a comprehensive and effective defense strategy against a possible Iranian attack.

The British newspaper Guardian said in a report that in view of the rapidly deteriorating situation in the region, the US Army had delivered the anti-missile mechanism to the region within a few weeks. Decisions in this regard were made in a timely manner and thus helped decisively in ensuring Israel’s security.