Israel attacked Iran, American media, Iranian confirmation of explosions in Isfahan – World

American media say that Israel has attacked Iran. American TV channel ABC News first reported the attack, which was later confirmed by CBS citing an American official. Iran’s Fars News Agency reported explosions at the airport near Isfahan, Iran. American media say that the Israeli Air Force has taken action near Isfahan Airport. According to … Read more

Why Israel targeted Isfahan Airbase, the interesting answer of history – World

Israel has targeted Isfahan Airbase in an attack on Iran. According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, the airbase’s missile defense system fired several missiles to thwart the attack. Witnesses confirmed the explosions, while US officials say at least one missile landed in Iran. The details of the damage at Isfahan Airbase were not revealed. … Read more

Iran launches major attack on Israel with drones and cruise missiles – World

Iran attacked Israel in response to the Israeli bombing of the consulate in Syria. Iran fired dozens of drones at Israel. Cruise missiles also fired. Direct attacks were made on Israel. After the Iranian attacks, an atmosphere of fear spread in Israel, all schools and educational institutions were closed. According to Israeli media, Iran fired … Read more

Appeal to Israel and Iran for restraint, call for Security Council meeting – World

The United Nations and the Gulf Cooperation Council have asked Iran and Israel to exercise restraint so as not to create threats to regional and global peace. An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council has been called today (Sunday) evening at the request of Israel. In a letter to the President of the … Read more

Iran strikes in Israel, people start collecting food – World

After the drone and missile attacks by Iran, there is panic in Israel and people have started stocking up on essentials in a panic. A man in Occupied Beit al-Maqdis said that he and his family are sure that the difficulties will continue for several days, with threats looming over their heads. He said that … Read more

Iran summoned ambassadors of 3 countries for help in thwarting the attack on Israel – World

Iran’s foreign ministry on Sunday summoned the ambassadors of Britain, France and Germany for helping foil the attack on Israel. According to the Iranian news agency “Tasnim”, Iran questioned the ambassadors about their countries’ “irresponsible position” regarding Tehran’s retaliatory attacks on Israel. The three European countries condemned Iran’s drone and missile attacks against Israel, which … Read more

Israel plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities with the help of the United States – World

There is a fear of a major regional war in the Middle East due to the tension between Israel and Iran. Israel wants to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities with the help of America. Iran attacked Israel in response to the Israeli bombing of the consulate in Syria. Iran used dozens of drones and cruise missiles … Read more