“Nathr Ali, looking up with a cruciate ligament” .. a veiled witness threatening and threatening to follow up on Snapchat

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Social media pioneers circulated a video clip of a veiled woman threatening and threatening to follow up on Snapchat.

During the video, the woman said, “I am afraid of whom. I am Mashael Al-Tuwairqi. I am afraid of Sanabiah. I am not afraid of men with moustaches.”

And she continued: “My back is protected, but some provoke you to speak, so that he feels that he is important, and on herself, Baraqesh has gone crazy.”

And she added: “Your knowledge we have arrived, safety and booty, and Mashael Al-Tuwairqi tells you, if you were the daughter of your father, a field doctor, he vowed to aspire to a cruciate ligament. .

And she concluded, continuing to threaten her: “Let her go and see.” The identity of the follow-up or the person against whom the threat was made was not disclosed.

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