How good are Spring Air pillows? This says Prophecy

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Among the most important household products are pillows, as they help us rest and depending on how we sleep is the type of pillow we will need to avoid neck pain, but How good are the Spring Air brand ones? This says the Federal Consumer Attorney (Profeco).

And it is that in its most recent issue of the Consumer Magazine they carried out a quality study on 16 pillows from 11 different brands, including two presentations by the firm of the sleepy bear.

All the products were subjected to different tests: whether the type of fibers declared on the label matched the one in the filling, the ability they had to recover their shape once force was applied to them, its resistance to discoloration and abrasionthat is, to the wear and tear produced by use.

“This test determined the degree of wear of the fabric of the cover caused by the rubbing of the head with it and this process was evaluated simulated in an accelerated way by means of the flat abrasion method” which consists of “placing specimens of the garment (cuts of the part that corresponds to the sheath) in a rotating platform device with a double abrasion wheel”, the publication specified.

How good are Spring Air pillows, according to Profeco?

After Profeco analyzed the two models of the pillow brand, it rated them in a parameter from Excellent to Sufficient and found the following details:

1. Spring Air (2 Pack Memory Foam)

This product was Overall rated Excellentwhere the details that obtained the highest qualification were: dimensional change, resistance to abrasion, recovery and resistance to discoloration in the aspect of sweat.

Spring Air pillow. Credits: Consumer Magazine

While it was Very Good in its dimensions and in its resistance to washing. Its exterior is 100 percent polyester and its padding is 100 percent polyurethane foam. It also indicates that it is hypoallergenic. His cost is 984 pesos.

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2. Spring Air (posture confort)

this pillow had an irregularity because their fibers presented a deviation in terms of what they declared. In general got a good ratingwhere its dimensional change, its resistance to discoloration and its dimensions were Excellent.

Spring Air pillow. Credits: Consumer Magazine

Its recovery was classified as Very Good and its resistance to abrasion as Good. She also indicated to be hypoallergenic. Its cost is 161 pesos.

Before buying a pillow, Profeco recommends that if your body temperature when you sleep is usually high, one that breathes is better for you, such as those made from goose feathers and pieces of soft polyurethane.

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