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As part of efforts aimed at human resource development, Mito Hollyhock will conduct a work experience in collaboration with Louis Vuitton Japan, and Rui Yamaguchi will serve customers and interact with customers at the Louis Vuitton Omotesando store for two days. Provided sales support.

This initiative was provided by Louis Vuitton Japan as an educational opportunity for active athletes to be aware of their future career design from the perspective of supporting athletes’ second careers, which has become a social issue in recent years. We will start providing educational opportunities for professional athletes to become aware of their future careers, support athletes aiming for their next career from the world of sports, and provide educational opportunities not only for those in the sports world but also for people with diverse careers. “Make Value Project,” a project aimed at “cultivating human resources who contribute to society,” “supporting human growth,” and “improving the value of professional athletes” with Louis Vuitton Japan, which provides services and tackles second career issues. The idea of ​​Mito Hollyhock, which focuses on human resource development and career education for professional soccer players, matched and was implemented.


Comment from Rui Yamaguchi

“First of all, I was very happy that everyone at the Louis Vuitton Omotesando store warmly welcomed me as a member of the Louis Vuitton family with hospitality that I have never seen before! Although it was my first time, I learned a lot through working as a member of the Omotesando store.

In customer service, how to welcome customers when they come to the store, how to approach customers, how to present products, how to apply perfume, behavior and rules when serving customers, the order of movement, and handing over the purchased products. I realized the importance of paying attention to details such as timing and place, and that high-quality communication brings good results.
I also realized that the quality of communication directly affects the team’s results, and that it is important to use various opinions and work styles to create an environment for sustainable innovation because of the high level of individual ability.
The ability to solve problems, the ability to adapt to situations, the ability to see and notice, the ability to listen and understand, the ability to take action, and so on, I was impressed by the importance of Jin (jin).
It was also an opportunity to realize the importance of aiming to improve human power and the importance of being aware of the future as an active player.
I realized that if one person changes their mindset, it will lead to positive results, and that high-quality communication is essential for good teamwork.
I would like to make use of what I have learned in my work experience at Louis Vuitton, and be aware of personal growth, team growth, and future career development that will benefit the community.
Also, many staff members at the Omotesando store have told me that they will support not only my second career, but also my career as a soccer player.
Through this kind of work experience, I was able to evolve as a member of society. I would like to be able to convey this not only to myself but also to the people around me.

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I was educated in both France and Japan. Therefore, in the future, I would like to become a person who can contribute as a bridge between the two countries. I am full of gratitude to everyone at J.League, Mito Hollyhock, and Louis Vuitton who were involved in this project. Thank you very much. “

Work experience

Mito Hollyhock Official InstagramWe are planning to publish photos during work experience at.

Profile of Rui Yamaguchi

■ Position
■ Date of birth
May 28, 1998
■ Height/Weight
■ Soccer history
FC WASEDA → FC Tokyo U-15 Fukagawa → FC Tokyo U-18 → FC Lorient (France) → Extremadura UD (Spain) → Recreativo Huelva
■Representative career
U-17 Japan representative
U-18 Japan representative
U-19 Japan representative
U-20 Japan representative
U-21 Japan representative
U-22 Representative from Japan
■ My mission, vision, and values
「Football is an art, a shared passion」

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